month of: january

special days, normal days, events, and kudos

jan 1 - happy new year!

jan 4 - monica m's bday (20)

jan 6 - flea's bday (22)

jan 7 - full moon (_|_)

jan 10 - hamilton's bday (2)

jan 11 - nolan's bday (20)

jan 12 - tom h's bday (19)

jan 13 - jesse's bday (19)

jan 19 - martin luther king jr. day

jan 20 - job interview intermediary clerk typist

jan 22 - chinese new year gong chi fah tzai... hong bao nah lai!!!!

jan 24 - tsg's bday (23)

jan 24 - brett's bday (17)

jan 26 - class starts

jan 26 - school 5:30-7:20p

jan 27 - school 10a-8p

jan 28 - work 11a-5p

jan 28 - school 5:30-7:20p

jan 29 - patrick s's bday (16)

jan 29 - school 10a-8p

jan 31 - eilis's bday


good charlotte - young and the hopeless
i'm young and i'm hopeless
i'm lost and i know this
i'm going nowhere fast that's what they say
i'm troublesome, i've fallen
i'm angry at my father
it's me against this world and i don't care, i don't care


"what is that snow cow thing called again?"

                                  ~jon (referring to the yak)

"throw some whites in the washing machine with a red sock......instant chinese new year clothing!"

                                  ~jeremy taylor

"that's boss. no, that doesn't agree with the pimp... shiestee magoo, jenkies! shmirt."

                                  ~lee. bring it on back now. bring it back.

movies seen

jan 17 - big fish

buddie of the month

name: aaron


age: 22

profession: student

location: auburn

state: ca

country: usa

planet: auburn

why this person's great:

eye candy


name: jeremy

age: 21

dob: 1982

eyes: brown

hair: dk. brown


height: 6'


relation: friend

status: playin'

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