month of: july

special days, things, and accolades

jul 1,2 - sleepover at john-john's house 11pm- 8pm

jul 2 - glasses made :)

jul 3 - no work

jul 3 - tatt healed

jul 4 - mr. strickland's b-day

jul 4 - independence day

jul 4 - no work

jul 5 - zach to china

jul 5 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 6 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 7,8 - sacramento state orientation

jul 9 - able to wear contacts all day

jul 10 - rich's b-day 18

jul 10 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 11 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 12 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 13 - jim r.'s b-day 18

jul 13 - wilson's b-day 20

jul 13 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 13 - eye appt. (follow up) 6pm

jul 14 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 15 - jennifer's b-day 19

jul 16 - full moon (_|_)

jul 17 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 18 - work 10:55am- 6:30pm

jul 18 - hang with rich... flat tire 8-11pm

jul 19 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 20 - work 9am- 6pm

jul 20 - hang with noah

jul 21 - work 9am- 5pm

jul 18 - jus-tin's b-day 16

jul 22 - dad's b-day

jul 22 - dad's house 5pm

jul 22 - concert @ "cactus club" w/am, julian, noah

jul 23 - tix on sale for stroke 9 :(

jul 23 - davis w/jie

jul 24 - work 9:30am- 5:30pm

jul 24 - bought printer

jul 25 - joe's b-day 19

jul 25 - work 9:05am- 6pm

jul 26 - chrissy's b-day 24

jul 26 - amity to cheercamp

jul 26 - work 9am- 5:25pm

jul 27 - work 9am- 5:30pm

jul 27 - eye appt. (toric lenses) 6pm

jul 28 - work 10am- 5:30pm

jul 28 - return printer

jul 28 - hang with noah -mah johng @ dad's

jul 29 - lazer tag 6:30pm

jul 30 - brian's b-day 22

jul 31 - work 9am- 5pm

songs of the month

lara fabian- i will love again i will love again...

3 doors down- kryptonite

alice dj- better off alone do you think you're better off alone? talk to me, talk to me

bbmak- back here

'nsync- it makes me ill i was hangin' with the fellas, saw you with your new boyfriend it made me jealous. i was hopin' that i'd never see you with him, but it's all good cuz i'm glad that i met 'm. cuz now i know the competition's very slim to none, and i can tell by lookin' that he's not the one. he's not the type you said you liked, his (something) are whacked, clothes are bad, come on girl let him go-- i want you back

police- every breath you take every move you make every step you take, i'll be watching you...

u2- with or without you with or without you, with or without you... i can't live with or without you

quote of the month

"don't make me he-bitch man slap you!!"

                                  ~man-whore pimp from duce bigalo

movies seen this month

jul 1- duce bigalo, male jigalo i thought it'd be stupid.. it was pretty darn funny. seriously.

jul 1- girl, interupted hey. it's me and amity

jul 2- chicken run it was ok. but nick park's def. not good at long films... wallace and grommit all the way mon.

jul 20- the in crowd ok. worst movie ever? i think yes.

jul 28- labrynth didn't really watch. it was background. hey. priorities! mah jhong! yeeeah!

jul 30- loser i think they got tired of writing and just... ended it.

buddie of the month

name: steph le

age: 17

grade: 12

school: saratoga high

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

her page: oooooo. aaaaaaaah.

cutie of the month

name: julian

age: 18

eyes: brown

hair: now shaved... but when it's buzzed it's dark brown


height: 6'3"

school: graduated from prospect

relation: amity's boyperson... no... boyfriend. :) tee hee. awwwww

his page: don't think there is one

questions? comments? suggestions?... anything i should add?  tell me!

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