month of: june

special days, things, and accolades

june 1- womley's b-day (18)

june 2- meet daniel (21) and matthew (22) *shudder* thank you amity for that enlightening experience

june 2- hang out with julian from "the wherehouse"

june 3- john-john's b-day

june 4- amy-mom's chinese b-day

june 7- mb20 @ the filmore *sigh*

june 8- senior day

june 9- senior beach day

june 11- christine's b-day (18)

june 12- mevin's b-day (17)

june 12- finals periods: 3, 4

june 12- got my tatt

june 13- finals periods: 5, 6, 7

june 14- finals periods: 2, 1

june 14- last day of school

june 14- grad practice 1pm-2:30pm

june 15- graduation 4:30pm- 6pm

june 15,16- grad nite 8pm- 6am

june 16- full moon (_|_)

june 17- nammie's b-day (17)

june 17- warren's b-day (18)

june 17- last annual e.o.t.y. party 6:30pm- 12am

june 18- wes's b-day (20)

june 18- father's day

june 19- leaving to chicago

june 20- arrive in chicago

june 20- meet zach's fam and ed

june 21- first day of summer

june 21- meet yan-yan and everyone in nick's crib

june 22- mommy's b-day

june 22- amy-mommy's b-day

june 22- arrive hang at nick's crib

june 23- g.a./ six flags with yan-yan, ed, nick, art, and zach

june 23- xl. just kidding! ho down in nick's basement

june 24- fly back home

june 25- mongo shopping changin' ma look... tight(er) pants (they fit!!!!)

june 25- pager sent in

june 26- work 9am- 5pm

june 27- work 9am- 6pm

june 28- zach to l.a.

june 28- no work... siiiiiiiiiiiick :(

june 29- work 9am- 5pm

june 29- dad 'n everyone to san diego

june 29- eye appt. 6pm-8:20pm

june 29- got contacts!!!!

june 30- work 9am- 5pm

songs of the month

enrique iglesias- be with you and now that you're gone, i just want to be with you

mandy moore- i want to be with you i wanna be with you, if only for the night, to be the one who's in your arms to hold you tight. i wanna be with you, there's nothing more to say; there's nothing else i want more than to feel this way, i wanna be with you

britney spears- oops... i did it again oops i did it again, i played with your heart got lost in this game. oh baby, baby oops you think i'm in love; that i'm sent from above... i'm not that innocent

quote of the month

""Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be." "

                                  ~Fanny Brice (1891- 1951); American singer

movies seen this month

jun 2- high fidelity i swear that guy is "chipper" from baskin robbins, el paseo. really. it is.

jun 21- pokemon: the first movie mew is my hero.

jun 22- fight club yeah. sure. whatever. i don't get it. the guy brad pitt played? yeah. he's my second hero.

buddie of the month

name: rich

age: 17

grade: senior... 13th after graduation :)

school: graduation on to chico state (csuc)

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

his page: *~!!click!!~* ... just kidding... page is gone now

hottie of the month

name: dave magill

age: 17? 18? 19? i dunno.

eyes: i dunno

hair: blondie brownie?

weight: no idea

height: hmmm... i'm drawing a blank...

school: well... saratoga... but not after graduation.

relation: i dunno. amity says he's f... uh... hot. yeah. so i put him on.

questions? comments? suggestions?... anything i should add?  tell me!

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