month of: june

special days, things, and accolades

june 1- womley's b-day (19)

june 1- bohr's b-day (19)

june 2- move in to apartment

june 3- john-john's b-day (25)

june 5- rent due

june 6- andre's b-day (19)

june 6- full moon (_|_)

june 10- jeremy's b-day (19)

june 11- christine's b-day (19)

june 11- dorm fees due

june 12- mevin's b-day (18)

june 13- going to trinity

june 16- steph's b-day (18)

june 16- metropolis 3pm-2am

june 16- coming back to sac

june 17- nammie's b-day (18)

june 17- warren's b-day (19)

june 17- father's day

june 17- going to mountain view

june 18- wes's b-day (21)

june 20- dentist appt... fillings 10:30-11:30am

june 21- first day of summer

june 22- mommy's b-day

june 22- amy-mommy's b-day

june 23- relay for life 3pm-12am

june 23- back to shingle springs

june 24- back to sac

june 26- at jon's 5pm

june 26- nick to airport 12pm

songs of the month

stabbing westward- happy
please tell me are you really happy
do you think he's really worth the pain
are you really happy
did you simply throw your life away

quote of the month

""Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be." "

                                  ~Fanny Brice (1891- 1951); American singer

lessons learned this month(s)

movies seen this month

jun 14- the shawshank redemption the old guy is so cute! i have the same glasses as the warden

jun 21- a river runs through it i still don't get what the river had to do with this movie

jun 25- 8 days a week oh god this movie is FUNNY

jun 25- shrek! that's it. i'm buying it when it's out on video.

jun 26- the kid ok... weird much?

buddie of the month

name: chris

age: 18

grade: 13 1/2

school: sacramento state

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great: