month of: may

special days, things, and accolades

may 1- labor day

may 2- jeffrey's b-day (10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! TOO OLD!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!

may 6- EPT sjsu: 8am-12pm

may 6- lancy chiu 5/7/1982- 5/6/2000 we'll miss you, lancy

may 7- rei's b-day (18)

may 7- dad's house

may 7- dinner w/fam and john-john

may 7- home: move room :(

may 8- mommy speak at school (psychology)

may 8- house painted... OFFwhite. ew.

may 9- nomie's b-day (18)

may 12- lancy's funeral

may 12- hang with rich

may 13- mother/daughter luncheon 11am

may 13- shs oscar night 6:30pm-9:30pm

may 14- hermie's b-day (17)

may 14- mother's day

may 14- jie come home!!!! visit anyway :)

may 16- lava's b-day (18)

may 18- full moon (_|_)

may 20- dad's house

may 21- meri's b-day (18)

may 21- michelle's b-day (17)

may 21- alicia's b-day (17)

may 21- davis wrestling banquet

may 21- shs drama awards night i'm "most enthusiastic tech" :)

may 22- econ video 5:45- 8:45pm

may 23- buffy season finale

may 25- zach arriving in sacrament: 11:55pm

may 26- zach here! 2pm

may 27- senior prom 8pm-12am... it's on a BOAT!!!! (thanks warren!!!!)

may 28- joe's b-day (18)

may 28- to davis

may 28- dance at "the rage" 11pm- 2am

may 29- memorial day

may 29- no school

may 29- zach leaving :*(

may 29- train home 8:59am-11:43pm

may 30- shs senior cut day

may 30- santa cruz with amity and simon

may 31- talk with rich

song of the month

matchbox 20- leave

  i'm not saying there was nothing wrong i

just didn't think you'd ever get tired of me

i'm not saying we ever had the right to hold on

i just didn't wanna let it get away from me

but if that's how it's gonna leave straight out from underneath

then we'll see who's sorry now

quote of the month

"It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone- but it takes a lifetime to forget someone."

                                  ~i dunno

movies seen this month

may 12- wallace and grommit: the wrong trousers

may 12- wallace and grommit: a close shave

may 12- the breakfast club

may 19- road trip with john john and friend

may 20- road trip with rich

buddie of the month

name: justin

age: 18

grade: senior

school: saratoga high school

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

his page: *lemmie attit*

hottie of the month

name: hermie

age: 16... 17 in a month

eyes: blue

hair: brownish

weight: 135 lb

height: 5' 9"

school: toga

relation: play and stuff... and he was my crush in 7-8th? grade and i stalked him. not anymore tho. he's just david. yup.

questions? comments? suggestions?... anything i should add?  tell me!

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