month of: september

special days, things, and accolades

sep 1 - party 10pm- 12am

sep 1 - change contacts

sep 1 - neil go home for the weekend

sep 2 - noah's coming!!!! :)

sep 2 - ca go home for the weekend

sep 3 - jenny y.'s bday 18

sep 3 - to chico

sep 3 - car crash nicola rooke, eleanor patrick, lucy anderson, and alyssia goddard

sep 4 - labor day

sep 4 - back from chico

sep 4 - noah go home :(

sep 4 - NO SCHOOL!!!!

sep 5 - dr. appt 8am

sep 7 - "matrix" on the lawn 8pm

sep 9 - go home for the weekend

sep 10 - keith's bday 17

sep 10 - back at sac

sep 11 - stay at neil's

sep 13 - my friends day

sep 13 - lunch w/"jay" (justin) 11:40am-1pm

sep 13 - stay at eric's

sep 13 - full moon (_|_)

sep 15 - women and wallace

sep 17 - my mood day

sep 18 - jon and eric here

sep 19 - happy news noah and kimmy going out. yay.

sep 19 - stay at neil's

sep 22 - first day of autumn

sep 23 - jon here again :)

sep 26 - "buffy" season premiere "dracula"; 8pm

sep 27 - chui's bday 15

sep 28 - change contacts

sep 29 - jie's bday 20!!!!!!!!!!

sep 30 - uncle jimmy's bday party

songs of the month

incubus- i miss you i miss you...

neve- it's over now and you don't ever understand... it's over now

vonda shepard- baby, don't you break my heart slow i'd rather you be mean, then love and lie. i'd rather hear the truth, than have to say goodbye. atleast then i would know... but baby, don't you break my heart slow.

unwritten law- cailin hey little girl, yeah i love you...

quote of the month

"when you feel you're so low that you have to look up to look down, beat yourself on the foot with a stick. atleast you'll feel better when you stop."

                                  ~forest gump; from "gumpisms"

movies seen this month

sep 7 - the matrix eh. first time good... second... no.

sep 21 - some anime flick interesting...

sep 21 - my neighbor, totoro totoro, to-to-ro... mei meiiii!!!!! :p

sep 22 - drop dead gorgeous so stupid it was funny

sep 22 - the sixth sense analyzing time ;) fun stuff

sep 23 - another anime thing uh... yeah. weird.

sep 24 - the shaw shank redemption holy god this was a GREAT movie

sep 24 - drop dead gorgeous funnier this time. maybe cuz it was 6am...

sep 30 - office space but... i like my swingline stapler... this is the last straw... mmrmermmmbbfh...

buddie of the month

name: noah

age: 18

grade: 13

school: uc berkely

state: california

country: u.s.a.

planet: earth

why this person's great:

hottie of the month

name: dale dale

age: 18

eyes: brown

hair: brown

weight: 140?

height: 5'10" i think

school: west valley

relation: bud from toga :)

his page:  i dont' remember the url. sah ray

questions? comments? suggestions?... anything i should add?  tell me!

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