dance pictures

homecoming pictures

Homecoming 97                          Homecoming 98

 "Walk In To The Night" (10/1997 )                                  "A Night On The Town" (10/1998)

jak, mat, acorn, garbonzo, zillie, jenny,                              zillie, mevin, mat, ca, tammy, bennett, me,

rei, lava, ? (sorry... dunno her name),                                meri, menk, jessica

cinderella, spaiyq, me, i-grid, theresa, sean

winter formal 1999

"music of the night" (2/5/1999)

mevin, mat, meri, me

junior prom 1999

"the secret garden" (4/24/1999)

me, ca, mat, zillie, meri

sadie hawkin's 1999

"a night with the stars" (?/?/1999)

mat, meri, me, ca

random picture

Valentine's Dance 1996

Valentine's Day Dance (1996)

matt, me, bonnie, will, danny, rachel, jorge, chase, monika


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