So it wasn't dirty, but it was my Thirty.

Day of was a day trip to San Francisco. We got a late start and it was a bit jumbled, but we (Jie, me and The Boys) had a nice lunch with ma/UPS then a Sunset "Cruise" around the bay to celebrate Rosalinda's birthday, which was earlier in April.

ricewasthirsty_small.jpg mejiemamaups_small.jpg threeladies_small.jpg andtheboys_small.jpg img_0809_small.jpg jeremywasshowingoffhislovelytan_small.jpg
jellyfish_small.jpg boatride_small.jpg chrisvolunteeredtohelpthisladywiththemastssailsclothguidethings_small.jpg img_2209_small.jpg img_2214_small.jpg sleepy_small.jpg
img_2218_small.jpg thecity_small.jpg img_2230_small.jpg poser_small.jpg posers_small.jpg jieandme_small.jpg
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