ahhh.  i see you're a masachist-- here's pichures a me

chubby little me bay-bee-bah-loo-gah... lookie me!  i'm chubbie!!

my mommy made my costume. and i loved it. uh huh.

yuuup... i loved dancin' too.

me as a cookie yes, this is me.  and yes, you may laugh... i was a cookie for the nutcracker.  (1993?)

my faboo pic of me

birthday party

coolio (no, not the rapper.  just... cool... with an io.) i know, you wish you could look as cool as i do here.  but sorry... only certain gifted people can pull if off.   (1994)

perty me  (haaa haa haaaa) um... me... in a dress

awwwwww (just go along with me...) cute me

more me... archive of pictures of just me from my jourants... and some more


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the last time i got off my lazy butt was on: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 at 7:24 AM