first off... the question:

Many of us all are now either on our own, have been on our own, are about to be on our own.  Weve whined to our friends and parents for this freedom that has finally come about (or is going to) and now I want to know how you feel.

Is this freedom all that you wanted? Is it what you imagined? How are you using this freedom? Enjoying it? Hating it? Want to go back to mummy and daddy?

Let me know! Take your time answering and use as much or as little detail as you want. Schools out (or almost out) and so this isnt to cause you any stress.

Just try to keep your answer in a basic topic of:

  1. I love it!
  2. It's not as great as I thought it'd be, but it's OK
  3. I hate it, but Id rather be here than home
  4. I want to go home
  5. Freedom! Let me out! LET ME OUT!!!!!!

love it!: 6.5        not as great, but not bad: 3        hate it, but rather be here: 0        wanna go home: .5        let me free!: 0

adrienne|dale| jake|jon| kiyoshi|matt| phoebe|sam| tsg|vince

jon: "well i'm not out of my house yet. well i kinda am and i'm kinda not. i kinda live with my girlfriend and i kinda live at home. i like having home to come to when i need to. i think i would have problems if i didn't have 'home' to come home to every now and then. but i think that would be different if i had my own place or if some guy named ken lived across the hall. " [back to top]

kiyoshi: "I personally enjoy it, not much else, life gets pretty boring, but hey, I get to do what I want, when I have time for it. " [back to top]

dale: "I got to go to switzerland for 7 months. When I came back, I get total freedom from the parents and most things paid for.
5. Best of Both Worlds! =D
" [back to top]

tsg: "Freeeeeeeeeedom
Freedom, I've been living away from my folks for almost 2 years now, it's great, I have my own house, i rent rooms out to people who are fun to hang out with, i can do damn well anything i please with the place and it's all mine
" [back to top]

jake: "1! very much pleased w/ freedom! chalk a One (1) up for me and my 'supporing my own damn self (mostly)!'
" [back to top]

matt: "1. I love it!
" [back to top]

vince: "Hallo. My answer is that i like the freedom, but I don't like the school work. School is fine, the people are excellent, just not the work. I just want summer. So, I am a 1 and a 4. I like the freedom, but I don't want to be here.
   Love, Vincent
" [back to top]

phoebe: "i would have to say the second one. Freedom is great but i mean come on, college isn't real freedom. i still depend on my parents financially and when i go home, byebye freedom... so i don't think i really know what real freedom is, but living on my own, sorta, is definitely better than living at home overall.
k thats all byebye
" [back to top]

adrienne: "I like it. I think part of the thing for me, though, is that I lived where I did until I got to Davis. Now, I get to get up late every day (well, a lot later than 6:30, anyway), bike to school and work and neighboring towns, and do all sorts of things on the weekends. It's also helped me figure out that I really miss the hills, but people aren't as generally stupid or terrible as I'd always thought, and it really isn't necessary to stress over everything. Basically, I'm sorry I'm not home, but I'm definitely not sorry I'm here. Hope it's the same for you!
" [back to top]

sam: "I like it but its not all i thought it was going to be. I enjoy not having something but miss the solid foundation that i had achieved through family and friends all of which are gone now. so i am still in free fall hoping someone will be kind enough to catch me and bring me back to the land of the real live people land. my answer is now done.
" [back to top]


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