first off... the question:

A whole lot of you have been out of high school for atLEAST a year now (some a lot more :) ). Having changed and experienced bigger and better (worse?) lifechanging events, are you looking forward to going, (or would you like to go) back to some sort of a reunion with all the little people from highschool? Or are you more... 'ew. I don't EVER want to go back to that...'

Let me know!

  1. I'm ready to go back and see old people
  2. I'm a little shifty... a little bit of both
  3. Oh goodness, I never want to see those people again!

ready to go back: 2        a little bit of both: 2        don't want to go back: 0       

FRUHD | tsg | uncle brian | vince

FRUHD: "I'm a little bit of both actually. I know, that's cheating. But hey, I wrote it, I can answer however I want. Bleah :P. I'm curious to see where people have gone, how people have changed, how people have succeeded... or if they're the exact same as they were when we left Saratoga. At the same time, I worry that I'm set back further than everyone else... like everyone else has gone to super success and I'm here in the dust far behind. Still, I'm curious to see... OK, I'm also interested to see who's failed. Same with all reunions right? Wanna see who I'm better than now... *evil laugh* muwahahaha... but yeah, that'll come and bite me in the ass. That's my answer. (hey, be happy.. this is the first time i've answered my own question!)" [back to top]

tsg: "while i think it'd be nice to do the reunion thing, i still talk to most of the people that i would want to see at such an event anyway, so it wouldn't be much of a special thing" [back to top]

vince: "I think I'd look forward to it, so show off how much better I am now. I think I'm better anyway. I hope I am." [back to top]

uncle brian: "I was just thinking last night for some reason that it has been almost 40 years since I graduated from high school!! The last class reunion was 30 years ago, so I'm curious to see how everyone has survived, and I'd like to renew old acquaintances." [back to top]


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