The "Perfect" Guy

I need to be with someone older. I'm 24 now, I think 30 is my limit, but 21 is the absolute youngest. I want him to have some "higher" education behind him... scholarly intelligence along with life smarts as well. Should be like... 5'9" at least... fit and has to have sexy pelvic lines. Ooooh yeah. But those are pretty much always there unless he's like megatub and that's covered by fitness.

Gotta be totally random at times and laugh a lot and be able to make me laugh. Playful. Smiles a lot, not too much though all creepy like...

Cuddles, but not too much. Will curl up around and spoon if I roll over after being tired of staying on my side. Massages.

Likes cute things. Sees the joy in cute kids but doesn't want one ... not now, anyway. Digs cats and dogs.

Is able to talk about things. Listens.

No rap nor hiphop music.

Soft neck.

Can lift my weight... easily.

Enjoys sleep... night person.

Clean and worries/cares about hygiene. Brushes teeth atleast twice a day. Cleans up after self.

Enjoys social events. Won't drive drunk (or with any alcohol in the system for that matter.) Takes me out to places. Can make a decision on to where to go. Tries to do cute chivalrous stuff. Can be romantic but doesn't overdo it or go crazy over it. Is able to pay for things. Is willing to skip things for me. Will drive for me. Will hold my hand. Will let me lead him by his pinky finger. Doesn't have the pinky waving in the air when eating/drinking. Chews with mouth closed and doesn't make smacky noises.

Respects my things. Can deal with my love and need for my stuffed animals.

Surprises. Jokes around, but can be serious too. Open minded.

Gives me space. Sends me messages. Deals with my weight and other mental issues with ways other than just "stop it, you're tiny and everything's fine." Lets me know he cares. Nerd. Has an opinion, but not overly so. Digs dill pickles. Patient. Cooks. Responsible. Someone I can trust. Makes me feel safe. Will be there for me when I want him there... not just when it's convenient. Has some sort of goal he is striving for.

-bad hygiene
-inability to speak




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