veeeeeeeeee deeeeeeeeeeeee ooooooooooooooooh ssssssssss

****i make preview images off of screen shots of the movie so so if there's xed boxes that's why. deal.****

Home Videos
rattie snowbox walk aristotle, walk!!!!
wee wee was trying to get under the bed. the tissues were in the way. poor tissues. (7.5mb) lookie! aristotle walking! (6.1mb)

Silly Videos

ford kitty ford bird treadmill cat slap
mew (994k) pigeon (1.0mb)
(turn up the sound)
treadmill (2.3mb) cat slap (4.0mb)
baby short vacation mm. butt. directions
baby (1008 k) the world's shortest vacation (338k) chimp who discovers the odor from behind (372k) directions? (2.5mb)
elmo and tigger moron on bike wheelie wheelie
elmo and tigger (884k) moron on a bike (919k) wheelie... er... yeah. (454k) puddle jumper (638k)
blades (888k)

brat idiot
two words: use condoms (1.9mb) idiot (2.6mb)

mastercard commercial with the simpsons stupid soccer fan three year old prodigy japanese dude playing waaaay too many games...
(449k) (698k) (769k) (5.8mb)
lightening guy
(watch the cow sidestep)

ASFs (right click and save it to view)
life as a guy tokyo breakfast
life as a guy (1.65mb) tokyo breakfast (13.2mb)
(*note* n-word. a lot.)

RAMs (need real player; right click and save to view)
Russell Peters
Russell Peters (57.3mb)
check size... please have broadband!

MOVs (need quicktime)

brief history of america squirrel tag
brief history of america (6.9mb)
(as told by south park)
squirrel tag (6.5mb)

SWFs I found on the net (need flash)

badger badger badger badger! end of the world dancing chicken bunny kitty
badger badger badger badger! ahhh! the end of the world!!
(*note* swearing)
stressed? how about some tai chi! you've seen pepe and the kitty, now here's bunny and the kitty
mario saga part 1 mario saga part 2 mario saga part 3 mario saga part 4
mario saga part 1 mario saga part 2 mario saga part 3 mario saga part 4
pop! the twelve sti's it's peanut butter jelly time!!!! milk and cereal
bubble wrap! the twelve sti's
(a.k.a. std's)
peanut butter jelly time! milk and cereal
(the white guys one)
stick fight magical trevor trippy mirror cartoonist block
stick fight... matrix style everyone loves magical trevor
please visit!
ooo. trippy mirror... cartoonist block
please visit!


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