so. you REALLY want to know what i want eh?

that desperate to get me something? ha ha. well, remember... i have so much stuff as it is. i don't need more. but... suit yerself.

also, if you're looking for what I want in a guy, look here

(these're in order from most wanted to least. yeah.)

gift certificate(s)- list: money. any amount will be quite appreciated.

music- list:
"my favorite tee"- from GAP... long sleeved, white, xs (extra small)

jeans- my dimensions are on my "me" page (here). i need pants now. ok, not really need. but i like clothes. weee! naked = bad. yup. people go blind. bad things happen.
stationary- the cuter the better

uh... no thanks.

there's wanted... and here's what's not wanted.
flowers- betty's allergic

... stuff- you know. like when you have NO idea what to get someone and so you just find something in your room or else buy the first thing off the shelf? i'd prefer not even having christmas gift giving or birthday giving. but it's tradition to everyone else... i only get stuff for people if i find something i KNOW they'll like. remember. i already have enuf random... stuff.



email me: spuhnkie at

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